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The Maison Gasya sweatshirt

Go on an adventure in style and comfort thanks to our collection of sweatshirts to match your loved one's Maison Gasya bags, perfect for your getaways around the world. Our sweatshirts are designed to provide optimal comfort straight out of the airport, allowing you to travel with ease and style. Discover our selection now and get ready to experience unforgettable moments together, wherever your travels take you.

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The art of inviting you to explore iconic luxury locations, while celebrating the refined craftsmanship of our Madagascar raffia bags.

Maison Gasya is a luxury house combining French excellence with the artisanal tradition of Madagascar, by offering an exclusive range of raffia bags and baskets. Our exquisite designs embody elegance and durability, providing our customers with an authentic luxury experience. Our campaigns reveal prestigious destinations around the world, inviting our customers to explore iconic locations while celebrating the refined craftsmanship of our bags. Each bag takes its name from an exceptional place selected by us.